Thursday, December 6, 2007

What's Up In Singapore

We may be celebrating our festival hoppers here in Malaysia, but Singapore's fast establishing itself as a co-production hub. If you've been seeing ads touting Singapore as the place for film investments in Variety Asia Online, your eyes have not been fooling you.

The first sign of things going the right direction across the Causeway was when industry bigwigs like George Lucas decided to set up shop there.

Now we got the likes of Kelvin Tong currently working on a Singapore-Hong Kong co-production, Rule #1, which will feature Shawn Yue and Ekin Cheng, among others.

And now, this.

Mediacorp Raintree Pictures will adapt The Painted Skin, and they've got Donnie Yen on board!

Way to go, Singapore. But yes, we're still waiting for your major festival winner. Wink!

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