Thursday, December 20, 2007

Ten Questions People Should Be Asking About The Dark Knight

1. Why such an extreme viral marketing strategy? Why is it pissing me off?

2. Why have the trailer screened exclusively in cinemas, when you're going to release it online later anyway? Isn't it just a publicity stunt?

3. Why hold a screening of the first 6 minutes of the film for a chosen few when you know it's going to be bootlegged anyway? Didn't they learn from Iron Man?

4. Wait a minute, could it be that the bootlegging was done by the film company itself, because a bootlegged trailer on YouTube will excite fans more?

5. What's the big deal about The Joker anyway? Isn't Heath's just a carbon copy of Jack Nicholson's seminal performance?

6. Doesn't the way The Joker stand in the middle of the street aiming a gun at Bats on wheels remind you of Tim Burton's version where The Joker stands in the middle of the street aiming a gun at Bats on wings?

7. Doesn't Heath's "maniacal laugh" sound exactly the same as Nicholson's?

8. Could they ever top Danny Elfman's wonderful score?

9. Instead of viral marketing, what, I wonder, would happen if Warner's didn't release or announce anything at all, until the day before the film is released, and pounces a surprise on us, like "Hey, guess what? The Dark Knight opens tomorrow!"? Wouldn't that be even more exciting?

10. So now, doesn't all this viral marketing seem stupid?

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