Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Here's The Real Summer Blockbuster!

An online friend boasted that he could write a review of Hancock just from watching the trailer, because he thinks the trailer gives too much away, ie. the entire story. Well, I'm sorry to say, he's dead wrong.

Yes, there's a lot in the trailer, but the most important plot point, the major one that actually makes the movie, isn't even hinted at in the trailer. After being inundated by Hollywood summer blockbusters that are entertaining but forgettable (Iron Man), plain forgettable and painfully boring (The Incredible Hulk), and vacuous (Wanted) - and also having been plain disappointed with one Hollywood blockbuster after another over the years - it's just pure delight to find one that can still genuinely surprise and move.

Hancock blows all competition right out of the water (well, the competition isn't that great to begin with anyway). It gets top points because of its unpredictability and because it's got a very big heart at its centre, something so lacking in mainstream movies today. Yes, it actually manages to be moving in more than one instance.

I really cannot reveal any more about the movie than to say that it starts off as almost a spoof of the superhero genre, but then takes a completely unexpected turn somewhere and becomes a whole different movie. Some of the jokes are painfully obvious or quite unfunny, but thankfully most times the humour works. When it doesn't, it also doesn't get in the way of the movie.

It's very obvious what's going to happen with Hancock among the summer blockbuster audiences. Those who have been programmed by Hollywood on what to expect and what to like, aren't going to take too kindly to Hancock's surprise. Those who still want something fresh out of Hollywood apart from the usual stale offering, will love what they get.

You won't see that major plot point coming. At all. And when it comes, it's going to pack such a wallop that some will go "WOW!" while others will wonder "HUH?!"

I haven't been following director Peter Berg's work. Guess it's time to get The Kingdom on DVD. Heard it's pretty good too. Well, a director for whom Michael Mann thinks is good enough to produce must have something right going for him.

And Will Smith? I think it's his best role yet. And if he keeps on going at this rate, he'll be earning some serious accolades soon.

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