Friday, December 7, 2007

What's Up In Singapore Part 2 ... Plus A Nasty Surprise

Here's more of what Singapore's filmmakers are up to, courtesy of Stefan Shih who runs the Nutshell Review blog that's fast living up to its tagline "Probably Singapore's #1 movie review blog," according to Tan Pin Pin here (yes, Stefan, do you sleep?). It's from his article posted on Twitch.

Royston Tan, fresh off the megahit musical 881, is making the biography of Rose Chan, the famous stripper of the 50s. We've had a Rose Chan stage musical here in Malaysia, but why didn't anyone think of making a film? But then again, can you imagine the kind of restrictions that would arise over here because of the subject matter?

Eric Khoo is making ... get ready for it ... a Tamil language film!

Tan Pin Pin's documentary, Invisible City, is going to the Forum section of Berlin, while Jack Neo is making a My Wife Is A Gangster type film, which will probably be released at the same time as Stephen Chow's CJ7.

And speaking of CJ7, here's the nasty surprise. A worldwide release schedule for the film has appeared, and this is what it says:

US - January 11
Singapore - February 7
Malaysia - MARCH 7

Who's big and bright idea is this?!?

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