Monday, December 10, 2007

What A Happening Title!

So we all know what's next from one of my favourite filmmakers, the nocturnally named M. Night Shyamalan. Lady In The Water wasn't too bad, was entertaining, sharp with wit, and as usual with Shyamalan's films, had so much humanity in it. But as with Cloverfield, we know how Hollywood now loves to play the silly hide-and-seek game with cinemagoers. Silly and ridiculous. If you have a genuinely good story and movie, surely you don't need to hide the details from us.

So it is with Shyamalan's upcoming new film, The Happening. Its a title that just BEGS to be punned!

I can just see the reviews now: "This movie is so happening!" or "This movie is just not happening!"

Or if Shyamalan decides to go the Tsai Ming-liang way: "Nothing seems to be happening in this movie!"

Imagine this conversation as you're about to hit the cinemas:

"So what should we see tonight?"
"That new M. Night movie. What's it called?"
"Yeah, I know, every one of his films is happening. But what's this one called?"

Or go up to the ticketing counter and tell the cinema staff: "Two tickets for that Happening movie, please!"

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