Wednesday, December 5, 2007

More Kungfu Sports Movies

It's no secret that I want to see Secret. Jay Chou's directorial debut had drawn largely approving nods from critics, and I could have braved the hordes of adoring girls in the cinema to see it on the big screen, but I didn't. The DVD in the stores beckons, as Chou stars in what could be the Shaolin Soccer of the basketball world.

This is pretty late news, but here's the trailer for Kung Fu Dunk. The teaser looks strangely like that Celcom ad where a couple of English Premiere League footballers thrash a few buildings with their skills.

Talking about Jay Chou and sports, he had this song called San Nian Er Ban (Third Year, Second Class) that used ping-pong sounds as percussion. The video's pretty nice too. So screw Enrique Iglesias and his Ping Pong Song. Jay did it first and with much more style!

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