Saturday, January 26, 2008

Singapore Seven

Johnnie To, Tsui Hark and Ringo Lam did it with Triangle. And they were only three. The crazy Singaporeans are trying to outdo everyone with a film made by SEVEN directors!

Lucky 7, a game of tag among these seven filmmakers, premieres at the International Film Festival Rotterdam. Each director makes a 10- to 12-minute segment, after which the next filmmaker continues with the same actor and crew, but with only the knowledge of the last minute of the preceding segment. Sounds challenging? You bet!

This kind of thing could either be a recipe for disaster or an intriguing experiment, depending on how creative and focused the directors are. The danger of becoming rojak is very real when they have admittedly put together a multiple-genre film, like a free-for-all. But the real motive behind the project, to bring together all the Singaporean filmmmakers for a collaborative effort, is very commendable.

In fact, the entire project, conceived by Sun Koh, was inspired by the "collaborative spirit of the Malaysian independent filmmakers."

Gertjan Zuilhof of IFFR wrote on his blog: "I saw the rough cut of Lucky 7. I didn’t have to think for long before writing to Sun Koh that she was welcome in Rotterdam."

The Lucky 7 website is online now.

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