Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Real Journey

It seems we've got some film adaptations of Chinese classics lined up - from John Woo's Red Cliff to a proposed film trilogy of Water Margin. But one of the classics that have remained unadapted faithfully, not to mention well, is Journey To The West. Probably the most popular version is A Chinese Odyssey, which starred Stephen Chow as the Monkey King. And probably one of the silliest adaptations was that sci-fi/fantasy mash-up, A Chinese Tall Story. And anime series Dragon Ball is also inspired by Journey To The West, but of course, goes all off on a tangent of its own.

It really makes one wonder why there hasn't been one good adaptation of that classic.

But now, according to Monkeypeaches, it has finally been confirmed, the rumour that has been going around, that Stephen Chow is planning a new version. Best of all? From the quotes, it sounds like he's interested in making not just the best adaptation, but one that is faithful to the original story.

Let's hope it is.

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