Friday, January 25, 2008

Miscellaneous Miscellany - Five Easy Pieces

Stuff we know, whether we want to know them or not:

1. Stupid studio thinks lowly of Ang Lee's Hulk. Why else would they commission another film about the green hero? They think Edward Norton penning and starring in The Incredible Hulk will make a better movie. But just who the hell is Louis Leterrier? In a way, it's an insult because the studio is kind of saying Leterrier (Danny The Dog, The Transporter) is a better director than Lee. Ya, right.

2. The entire gang behind the awful 300 is back for Watchmen. Zack Snyder has even enlisted composer Tyler Bates to do the score. Tyler who? Well, Tyler "I think rock guitars are cool for action scenes" Bates who scored the bigoted 300. Trust me, Watchmen the movie will be nothing like the "superheroes for adults" graphic novel. It will be a movie for adolescent sensibilities. Watch it go down the drain like Dr Manhattan's radioactive piss.

3. The title for the next Bond film is Quantum Of Solace.

4. There will be scenes in The Incredible Hulk that will link to Iron Man. Or vice versa; I really can't remember or care. Which means there will be a future Hulk/Iron Man team-up movie.

5. Sylvester Stallone wants to remake Death Wish. If he does so, there's a big possibility that the title would fit his career situation. After all, having made new Rocky and Rambo movies, the guy is close to parodying himself. Or is he already?

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