Monday, January 21, 2008

10 Hidden Clues In Cloverfield

Now that Cloverfield is finally out after months of speculation, online and otherwise, the fanboys are getting even crazier. There are claims of backmasking in the end soundtrack, where the words "Help us!", allegedly contains a backward message that says "It's still alive!"

Don't ask me how they managed to play the soundtrack backwards.

Anyway, here are 10 clues hidden in the movie that you might have missed:

1. If you look closely at the Statue Of Liberty head that falls from the sky, you can see that it looks like the head of the Statue Of Liberty.

2. During the party, some of Rob's friends can be seen consuming alcohol!

3. In one of the many sequences of people running and screaming in the streets, you can clearly make out the sound of human footsteps.

4. And in one of the many scenes of destruction on the streets, look closely and you can see some stones in random positions on the street.

5. The line "It's alive!", when played backwards, reveals a hidden message that says "Ayyeesh ooov eell schh tee!"

6. During the first close-up of the monster, the creature's roar, which, when played backwards, sounds like "RRRRWWWOOOAAARRRGGGHHH!!"

7. When the empty horse-carriage goes by on the streets, it can be clearly seen that it's being pulled by a white horse.

8. Upon closer scrutiny, you can see that Rob has a stubble.

9. In the rooftop scene of the explosion, you can see smoke from the explosion forming random patterns.

10. During the closing credits, the names of the cast and crew are revealed.

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