Friday, January 18, 2008

Andy U Da Man

It might look like a publicity stunt to a cynic, but I'd give Andy Lau the benefit of the doubt. Reported here at the Asian Fanatics forum, Lau was reportedly the hero at his own concert in mainland China recently. When a fan rushed to the stage to hand him flowers and was manhandled by the stadium security, Lau jumped to the fan's rescue, abandoning both song and dance.

There's a YouTube video embedded in that page, and you can see Lau shouting at the security guys to stop, then leaps like 2,000 feet from the stage, somersaults, and transforms into the Saviour Of The Soul before unleashing his deadly kungfu moves on the guards.

I'm exaggerating, of course. But Andy Lau, what a man! I'm now a hardcore fan.

Grady Hendrix of Kaiju Shakedown has a hilarious entry about What It Means To Be Andy Lau.

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