Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Remake Watch: A Tale Of Two Sisters

It's funny, but the Hollywood remake of Korean horror film A Tale Of Two Sisters has earned almost unanimous disdain from everyone. I think it's rare, or at least I find it rare, that a remake that has just completed production is almost universally hated without being given a chance at all.

I'm no fan of remakes, of course, but this level of hatred for a then-yet-to-be-completed remake is surprising, to say the least. And I'm glad that more people are waking up to the utterly useless nature of remakes. The Departed was, despite the critical raves and awards, actually an inferior remake of Infernal Affairs, and till today, it still eludes me how Scorsese could take an utterly enjoyable, no-frills, no-pretensions, no deep-psychological-musings action thriller and add so many unnecessary embellishments that turn his version into a too-obviously smug smirk at the original, not to mention a boring remake.

I wasn't very impressed with the original Tale Of Two Sisters anyway. For one, I could see the twist coming, as early as five minutes into the film, when the sisters stepped out of the car in front of their house. The way it was shot was just too obvious. Then there is this (highlight to read, major SPOILER):

How the hell does someone hang herself in a CLOSET?

Nice atmosphere, but silly story. I feel sorry for the remake.

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