Thursday, November 22, 2007

Sci-fi Hustle

So the world waited with bated breath just a half-hour ago, in anticipation of the teaser trailer for Stephen Chow Sing-chi's new movie, CJ7 (formerly known as A Hope, formerly known as Yangtze River 7, formerly known as Long River 7).

I was wondering if it would actually happen; I checked Yahoo this morning, but there were no indications of an impending global event. It had been reported here and here. But it did happen, almost stealthily, and I would have missed it like Chow's character missed the giant flying saucer in the trailer.

Chow has certainly come such a long way. Together with Johnnie To, the two had been relative unknowns to the west until recently when their movies became hits worldwide. Now, To's name is on everyone's lips, and a simple Stephen Chow teaser trailer has become a global phenomenon.

I remember we would anticipate a feel-good Chow Sing-chi or Jackie Chan movie every Chinese New Year. It became a tradition, and still is, I guess, as CJ7 will be coming to cinemas in February next year. The film is somewhat reminiscent of Batteries Not Included, and the trailer spoofs everything from Close Encounters to 2001 to Alien. It's no surprise because if you watch the intro of Shaolin Soccer, you'd see that the bald monk head aligned with the football is a spoof of 2001.

Head over to Yahoo Malaysia ( for the trailer. I'm told it's going to be online there only for a day.

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