Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Miscellaneous Miscellany

Currently in a cloud of confusion, I begin to wonder aloud why I started a blog and then have no idea what to write in it. Then, from out of nowhere came the obsession with disco hit Last Train To London, by ELO, the music video of which ended up on my Facebook profile.

What does everything have to do with anything? Nothing. I just thought nobody'd like to know.

Apart from my YesAsia orders not arriving yet - the damn Malaysian post office is super-efficient, as usual - Spirit Of The Beehive has inspired me to revisit Frankenstein, which I will do this week.

Meanwhile, with all of us still buzzing about the resurface of Johnny Bikin Filem after almost one-and-a-half decade since it was made, there's also news that Flower In The Pocket, Liew Seng Tat's Pusan winner, will be competing in a very major film festival next year. Can't say more until the official announcement has been made, but the Da Huang collective sure is travelling far and wide these days. I told an African friend in Berlin about the whole caring-and-sharing approach of the giant group hug known as Da Huang, and she was so impressed by the idea of independent filmmakers working together that she decided right away to take the model (and a handsome Da Huang brochure!) back home and teach her students about it. It might just get viral.

Now, talking about Da Huang, have you seen this? James Lee must either have gone bonkers or got knocked over the head by an obelisk named Epiphany, but Mr Slow-Moving Movies With Listless Characters has gone and made an extremely bloody horror film! So I guess Before We Fall In Love Again, The Monster Standing Behind Us Is Going To Rip Our Heads Off And Drink Our Blood. But this is not a Da Huang project. I repeat, this is NOT a Da Huang project.

It's a Tayangan Unggul release. And speaking of which, have you ever tried navigating the TU website? It's got all these cool graphics and stuff, but ... nothing. You have completely no idea what to do, until you notice a little button at the bottom that says "Bahasa Melayu." I don't get it because it's not like you have a choice to view the site in English. But once you get past that, it takes you to a very cluttered main page that will take a while to figure out.

Having said that, TU has a rather nice film coming up, and the trailer is nice and funny. Can't wait for this one.

And finally, has anyone noticed how much Wanted really is The Matrix Recycled? Watch the trailer, and tell me if James McAvoy isn't Neo, Angelina Jolie isn't Trinity and Morgan Freeman isn't Morpheus.

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