Thursday, November 29, 2007

Rap Of The Century ... Y'All!

This is currently big news in Singapore. Very. Big. News.

It's bigger than the DVD release of Royston Tan's megahit 881. Bigger than the lighthouse issue. Bigger than ...

The wonders of the new media can help give some smalltime filmmakers a big break. But then, the playing field opens up so greatly that there's the worry of copyright issues and lack of control.

And there's this.

The story here is that this rap video was part of the Media Development Authority's annual report. But the ease of technology - with the annual report being in soft copy form, someone decided to introduce it into the big, bad cyberworld.

And the reactions this has brewed! Even Amir Muhammad wrote about it!

Someone managed to locate the source from which the rap was "sampled." No wonder then, that I thought it was a strange mix of Jay Chou and KRS-1.

No, as much as I'm amused by it, I won't embed the video here!

Lastly, here's a hilarious little gem brought to you by the people who gave us Talking Cock The Movie and Singapore Dreaming.

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