Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Go McSweeney Go Go Go!

McSweeney's is one of my all-time favourite websites and a definite must-read every single day. It's one of the most hilarious and ingenious things ever created by man, apart from Takeshi's Castle.

And when they have something movie-related like this, I get completely bowled over.

Also see Jim Jarmusch's Notes For A Ghostbusters Sequel, and one of the funniest articles ever written by anyone, Troubleshooting Guide For Timecorp's VH3928 Model Time Machine.


On a somewhat related note, the Wachowskis' movie version of Speed Racer's website is up and running, with a gorgeous photo of the Mach 5 greeting visitors on the main page. I had doubts about the movie, even with the Ws involved, but hey, it's got Sanada Hiroyuki and Jung Ji-hoon aka Rain in it!

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