Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Eric Khoo Goes To France ... I Eat My Shorts

Sometime ago, I wrote an entry and asked when we would see a major festival winner from Singapore. The island state is going places with big co-productions (Kelvin Tong's Rule #1 just came and went, The Tattooist is here and The Painted Skin will soon be here), and its indie filmmakers have just started making rounds at the festivals in a big way. But unlike Malaysia, they still don't have a winner at any of the major fests.

That entry started some kind of a comments war, quite hilariously.

But wait, a few days ago we heard that Eric Khoo's My Magic will be screening at this year's Cannes. His Be With Me was, of course, the Director's Fortnight showcase two years ago.

And today, we got confirmation that My Magic will be in competition.

The film is 80% in Tamil, with a bit of Hokkien and English. The story is inspired by real-life fire-eater Francis Bosco, who will play a downtrodden alcoholic magician who tries to reconnect with his 14-year-old son.

Congrats, Eric. I eat my shorts.

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