Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Another Black Magic Woman

UPDATE: It seems the trailer for Susuk on YouTube has been made private, and access is now limited. (Thanks to Edmund Yeo, Woo Ming Jin's associate producer in Japan, for pointing that out.) Naughty Amir must have leaked it out!

There's a trailer of Naeim Ghalili and Amir Muhammad's Susuk now at YouTube. It's of quite low resolution, but the movie looks to be more like a slasher flick than an all-out black magic gore-fest like Long Khong.

The strange thing about Susuk is that its release has been delayed for two years. I think hardly anyone remembers that it was supposed to come out in 2006. The novelisation of the movie has sold well, and the TV series has gotten good ratings. So now, instead of it being a movie that inspired a TV series, like Stargate or Terminator, it's now more like The X-Files movies and Sex And The City. Weird.

The movie has been passed with two cuts. The censors took offence with a scene of a woman bathing in the nude and a man's head getting ripped off his shoulders. Amir said the woman was actually wearing a swimsuit that didn't even match her skin colour. But looks like our censors have some overactive imagination as usual.

The movie will be out later this year.

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