Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Magician And Human Resources

So Laurent Cantet has won the Palme D'or with his classroom drama, Entre les Murs, the first French film to win the top prize since 1987, when Under Satan's Sun won it amidst boos and jeers. Then I came to realise that I have a DVD of Cantet's earlier film, Time Out, which until today I still haven't seen. What the hell ... ? Guess it's now time to put it in the player for a spin. I think Cantet's Human Resources was shown here at GSC's International Screens, if I'm not mistaken.

Well, it's a bit sad that no Asian film won this year, except for the Un Certain Regard category where a Kazakhstan film (no, not Borat) called Tulpan won, and Kurosawa Kiyoshi's Tokyo Sonata picked up the Jury Prize.

Meanwhile, here's a trailer for Eric Khoo's My Magic.

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