Sunday, May 25, 2008

Khoo's Cannes Clan

An early review of Eric Khoo's My Magic is online now, at Screendaily. It's a not-so-positive review of Khoo's competition entry at this year's Cannes, but word has it that the film has managed to create quite a positive buzz, with Khoo and gang booked out for interviews. This despite what could be the organisers' no-show of confidence by slotting the film for a hidden corner kind of screening time.

Good for Khoo. Can't wait to see the film. Since it's the first ever Singaporean film to make it into the main competition in Cannes, it could very well have booked itself a release slot here in Malaysia. We'll wait and see.

Whatever it is, it simply means that the Malaysian filmmakers now have to play catch-up. It's been pretty quiet over here, especially the independent scene. But I hear Ho Yuhang may be shooting a new film soon.

Meanwhile, an excerpt from the Screendaily review of My Magic:

Khoo says part of the inspiration for this script comes from Cormac McCarthy's post-apocalyptic novel The Road and the special relationship between father and son there. Unlike McCarthy, however, Khoo's world is far more schematic and his plot leaves too many issues unsolved and too many questions open.

Thanks to Wisekwai for the heads-up.

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