Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Crazy As A Bat

It seems now that The Dark Knight is going to go down in cinematic history as both a very good film and a legend, for both the right and wrong reasons. You can be sure it will be fuelling speculations for a long time, because this just in: Christian Bale has just been arrested in Leicester for assaulting his mother.

While Mr Nutshell has been complaining that The Dark Knight tickets are sold out even on weekdays, and that he can't get into a cinema to see the film again - and IMAX tickets in the US are sold out till next week - I say too bad, because I've seen it twice already. The second time was in the IMAX cinema, but I think it's probably a regular 35mm print blown up for the giant IMAX screen here. The picture quality wasn't good at all, but I guess they meant for us to "see it on an IMAX screen" and not "see it in IMAX." And the ticket price is much lower than for normal IMAX movies. Picture quality complaints aside, the city skyline scenes and flying scenes do look very breathtaking in IMAX size. And the sheer scale of the Tumbler and Batpod chase sequences do come across stronger.

Meanwhile, here's some crazy discussion about Dave Kehr's crazy assertion that Batman = Bush! The discussion is still on-going.

More on Bat stuff later.

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