Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Shutting Down Sexy Time

If you think the Lost In Beijing fellas had it bad, just look at poor Tang Wei. Looks like the seemingly endless humping in Lust, Caution has earned her ad a ban by the Chinese authorities.

Her Pond's skin cream ad is being pulled. And she got paid a lot of money for appearing in it, but I wonder if she gets to keep the dough or if there's a penalty clause in the contract.

No, you can't do sexy time anymore, they seem to tell her. Actually she can't do pretty much anything anymore! Look at the latest rules the State Administration Of Radio, Film And Television (SARFT) came up with:

No hardcore sex, rape, prostitution or nudity

No vulgar dialogue, music or sound effects of a sexual nature

No murder, violence, horror, evil spirits or devils

No excessively terrifying scenes, conversations, background music or sound effects

No distorting of civilisation and history of China or other nations

No revealing of police investigative techniques

Wow. If that doesn't leave you more breathless than Tang Wei's love scenes did, then you need to try and make a film in China today.

Actually the whole regulating of China's industry is one wild mess. Despite the filmmakers of Lost In Beijing being banned from working, the film was released in China (albeit a cut version) and the fully uncut DVD is available in Hong Kong. Same with Lust, Caution which was screened in China despite the sexy content and touchy subject matter.

I guess through these murky depths, the question to ask now is, which Chinese filmmaker is courageous enough to bring sexy back?

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